Present and Future of the Arabic Language Transliteration on the Internet (linguistic features of Arabizi)

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The influence and growing role of foreign languages, in particular English, in the Arab world have recently been so significant and obvious that they even cause concern among representatives of the Arab linguistic community and become the subject of discussion at international congresses (Munser 2019). Arab scholars are concerned by the fact that the globalization process leads to the dominance of some languages ​​and the weakening of others (BBC News 2017; Grajek 2017; Matia 2016). Thus, Dr. As-Siddiq, Director of the Sudanese Institute of the Arabic Language named after Abdalla Eltayeb, believes that today in the Arab world there is a problem of the Arabization of scientific works. Research findings are presented not in Arabic, which means Arabic should become the language of science, knowledge and scientific development (BBC News 2017). This statement is aligned with the main objectives, for the solution to which the International Conference of Arabic Language is annually convened in Dubai. The main document of the conference states that it is necessary to conduct scientific research in Arabic and on Arabic, to encourage communication between scientists, specialists and researchers in Arabic. There is particularly noted the need to promote the use of the Arabic language in all spheres of life of Arab countries’ citizens, to introduce it into the administrative sphere, education, labor market and media (International Conference of Arabic Language 2012). In the final statement of the latest Eighth conference (the Ninth conference was announced for April 2020, but it did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic), the relevance of all the previously outlined goals of the conference is noted. The need to strengthen the positions of the Arabic language as the most important means of unity, cohesion and strength of the Arab nation, its identity is emphasized (Final Report of the Eighth International Conference of Arabic Language 2019).

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