Going Round In Circles: Increasing Status Of Teacher Occupation In Kazakstan

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The Article Provides A Critical Discourse Analysis Of The Program For Education Development With Regards To Increasing Teacher Status In Kazakhstan. The Study Concentrates On The Gaps Between The Intended Outcomes And Final Results Of The Program Of Educational Development In Kazakhstan From The Point Of View Of 50 Teachers Interviewed. The Study Targeted Low Qualification Of Teachers And Insufficient Oversight Of Teacher Practice As Central Factors, Which Lead To Low Teacher Status. Focusing On The Tension Between Teachers And Policy Makers Over The Teacher Status, Which Remains Unchanged, The Research Revealed The Subcourses Of Law Qualification Of Teachers, Identifying Low Payment, Low Academic Preparation And Lack Of Selectivity Of Future Teachers As Subcourses. The Article Examines The Unintended Outcomes Of The Initiatives Such As Launching Three Level Professional Training For Teachers, Issuing Vouchers To Teachers For Their Professional Development, Performance-Based Payment, Increasing Enrollment Entrance Barrier To Pedagogical Universities And Teachers’ Compulsory Attestation Once In 5 Years, Which Lead To Going Round In Circles.

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