Managing Human Diversity Through Inclusive Education: Manifestation of Forgotten Identity Of Transgender In Our Society.

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Dr. Asmaa Azeem,Dr. Ibtasam Thakur, Syeda Zahra Jafri


The current study examines the under researched group of “Transgender” which also known as “Khawaja Sira” in Pakistan culture. Unfortunately, they are still the forgotten, unprivileged community worldwide. Though, last decade brought some hope in terms of some significant steps that have been taken to increase their inclusivity in order to transfer them basic human rights, acceptance and gender identification enjoyed by all other humans. Despite this, there are many efforts which have remained. Most people know them as the mysterious and suspicious members of society and hesitate to talk about them and to take initiatives for their wellbeing. Although, Pakistan Govt., INGOs, local NGOs are continuously making the efforts to give them identity and a dignified lifestyle through the policies and projects. But still many efforts are required to enable the society to embrace this reality. This article has revealed the facts that hinder their inclusion. For this purpose, 10 transgender, 01 Program associate of Khawaja Sira Project of Akhuwat Foundation and 01 Charter Accountant of Khawaja Sira Society were interviewed to grab the holistic picture of the scenario. The main agenda was to know about the family lives, education, employment and socialization and the efforts of well- known organizations in Lahore, concurrently working for their wellbeing. This article not only unveiled the miserable lives of struggling transgender but also sensitized the community. The finding showed that the most of the transgender are living miserable and undignified lives. There are also some success stories but these are very few. This article will spread a general awareness among the society, ray of hope for transgender inclusivity and food for thought for envisage researches.  

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