Dimension Analysis Of Legal Political Paradigm Acceleration Of Regional Economic Growth Based On Potential Local Value

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The Main Content In This Research Is Analyzing The Acceleration Of Local Value-Based Regional Development In Riau Islands Province, Indonesia. The Method, Which Is Used Is Normative Law Legal Research And Supported The Writing Of Sociological Law. The Library Research Using An Analytical Approach On The Basis Of Statute Approaches And At The Same Time Using A Conceptual Approach, And Supported By Primary Data Based On Interviews. Conclusion Of This Research, There Must Be A Strong Commitment From Government Officials To Hold Fast And With High Integrity In Terms Of Applying The Paradigm That Has Been Affirmed In The Constitution, Both In The Philosophy Of Paradigm Approach And In The Constitutional Of Paradigm Approach. Recommendations On The Results In The Context Of Accelerating Regional Economic Growth Based On The Potential Local Value Of The Riau Islands Province, Are Expected To Be Harmonized To Realize The Welfare State In Accordance With The Mandate That Has Been Affirmed In The Fourth Paragraph. Indonesia In 1945.

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