Communication Innovation Of The Middle-Class Underground Lottery Gambler In Thai Society

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Wachirarat Nirantechaphat, Asawin Nedpogaeo


This article is part of the dissertation on the identities and communication network of the middle-class underground lotto gamblers. This article is part of the dissertation on the identity and communication network of the middle-class underground lottery gambler, The objective is to study the communication innovation of the middle-class underground lottery gambler in Thai society. This research is Qualitative Research, collecting data from the in-depth interview from a sample of 15 people in Nakhon Ratchasima who are in the underground lottery network for at least 5 years and earn 18,000 baht or more. This will be determined by occupation, reputation, ancestry. lifestyle is also taken into account. Using random sampling as Snowball Technique. The researcher spent time studying and collecting data and analyzing the data from 1 August 2019 to 2 May 2020, a total period of 10 months. Conducted an analysis of the text and the context by observation of lottery gambling in views of the insider view. The data was analyzed by systematic analysis.

The results showed that the middle-class underground lottery gambler network consisted of lottery dealer Lottery sellers and middle-class lottery gamblers. The process for accepting innovation in communication follows the following steps: (1) Awareness Stage, (2) Interest Stage, (3) Evaluation Stage, (4) Trail Stage, (5) Adoption Stage. However, the communication channel has also been modified from face-to-face communication as a communication program through the use of online conversations between buyers and sellers. The adoption of innovation also depends on the characteristics of the innovation because the middle-class underground lottery communication innovation is still at high risk. Although the middle class is the early adopters who are enthusiastic, fun-loving, eager to learn new things but do not accept innovation that is too risky. the lottery dealer and Lottery Middle-class sellers, who have social capital, can accept high-risk communication innovations because they have the power to negotiate with the police and consider their business interests worthwhile.

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