Рroblems And Aspects Of National Mentality In Indian And Kazakh Literature

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Shoinzhanova Madina T., Doctor Of Philology, Ualtayeva Аltyn S., Kalkabaeva Salima A., Ernur Belgoja,


The Article Is Devoted To Scientific Research And Analysis Of National Characteristics And Features Of Kazakh-Indian Literature Based On The Content And Conceptual Understanding Of The Works Of World-Famous Thinkers. The Work Of Writers And Poets Of The Two Countries Is Generalized, In Which The Main Idea Is To Hihglight The Fact That The National Features Of The Mentality Are Formed Depending On The Environment, The Geographical Place Of Birth Of The Characters In Their Works. In Particular, Traditions And Customs About The Genesis And Development Of The Status Of Heroes In The Kazakh And Indian Society Were Analyzed. Based On New Methodological Approaches, The Question Of The Specificity Of A National Character, Which Is One Of The Key Problems In Communication At The Scale Of National And International Literature, Was Comprehensively Considered. The Opinions And Judgments Of Kazakh And Indian Scientists On The Subject Of Revealing The National Specifics, The Ideas Of The National Literature Of These Countries Are Analyzed. Also Studied Are The National Forms, Artistic And Visual Techniques, Literary And Historical Traditions, Realities, Beliefs, Similarities And Differences In The Customs Of The Peoples Studied.

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