Comparative Analysis of Indicators for Enhancing the Effectiveness of Public Administration ODA Projects, with Special Reference to Korea

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Young Chool Choi


Since joining the OECD DAC in 2010, Korea has greatly increased aid to developing countries. It is also true, however, that the effectiveness of the ODA project has continuously been subject to negative evaluations. A number of ODA-related studies conducted to date have suggested that developing the sphere of public administration in developing countries is of great importance to the national development of these countries. However, since many studies on the detailed indicators that make up the public administration area have not been carried out, it has also been found that aid projects for the public administration area in developing countries have not been undertaken effectively. This study was conducted against this background. It is primarily intended to help design the direction of support for developing countries by country type, by deriving the main indicators that make up the domain of public administration and classifying developing countries using these indicators.

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