Hypomania and Its Manifestations in the Iraqi Theatrical Text (“Autumn of Statues” As an Example)

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Ali Hadi Ali, Dr. Amer Hamed Muhammad


Hypomania is considered one of the common psychological diseases among different segments of society as a result of the different environmental conditions they are going through, and therefore this research is written to focus on these concepts, and how to employ them by playwrights and solve them dramatically.Since the Greek era, persons working in the theatrical field were meant to employing psychiatric conditions in drama, as one of the issues of society. Theater has a major role in posing the problems of society and homogenizing them within the context of the dramatic construction of the theatrical text. Some playwrights tried to give space to these diseases, whether at the global or Arab level, to stop those phenomena that negatively affect society.

This research includes four chapters, the first of which is the methodological framework, which includes the research problem based on the following question (What are the manifestations of hypomania in the Iraqi theatrical text?), As for the purpose of the research, it is limited to (know about hypomania and its manifestations in the Iraqi theatrical text) as well as the importance and the need of the research and defining terms. As for the second chapter, the theoretical framework and previous studies, it includes three sections. The first one is conceptual hypomania, the second is psychological and social hypomania, while the third topic is hypomania in World Theater, then the indications that resulted from the theoretical framework, while the third chapter is concerned with research procedures and intentionally selected sample analysis consisting of three theatrical texts. The researcher relies on the indicators of the theoretical framework in designing analyzing tool. The fourth chapter contains the results and list of sources and references.

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