Analysis of the Evolution of Digital Marketing in Ibero-America during the 2015-2020 Period

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Manuel Eduardo Vilca Tantapoma, Nelly Melissa Vilca Horna, Ana Lucia Vilca Horna, Mirtha Zulema Armas Chang, Lessner Augusto León Espinoza


This paper seeks to analyze the evolution of scientific production based on one of the most revolutionary aspects of marketing in recent years. Digital marketing has become one of the most effective tools when transmitting a message to a receiver and the research that has been done around it has had a significant growth since its inception. The study analyzes the Digital Marketing variable based on the data provided by Scopus according to the volume of production in Ibero-American countries, in the period 2015-2020 to obtain more updated information and measure the trend in terms of growth and impact of research under the aforementioned variable. Scopus yields a total of 361 research works after applying the related search filters, which are subjected to a bibliometric analysis distributing these works in different analysis parameters such as authors, country of origin, year of publication and area of knowledge, within which an analysis with a bibliographic approach is also performed with the purpose of knowing the position of different authors and the impact of their publications.

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