Imaginaries of Digital Culture in Publics Schools

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Álvaro Acevedo-Merlano, Hilda Guerreo Cuentas, Yuneidis Morales-Ortega, Olga Martínez Palmera, Carolina Mercado-Porras, Yicera Ferrer Mendoza


In Colombia, technology has gained importance in education, especially in schools that aim to develop innovative knowledge, with teaching models that integrate ICT. This article focuses its objective on the approach on the imaginaries that young students from the department of Magdalena in Colombia have regarding digital culture in their educational contexts. The methodology was based on a qualitative approach, on a hermeneutical epistemological basis and a case study inquiry strategy with an ethnographic perspective. The techniques applied were the documentary review, focus group and survey. The results reflected students from rural and urban institutions relate digital culture to the customs of a society linked to technologies. It is concluded that it is necessary to know the realities of the population when formulating educational policies related to the incorporation of ICT in school environments.

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