Management in the Technological Innovation Process in Blueberry Fields in Cañete Valley, Peru

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Bessy Castillo SantaMaría, José Palacios Sánchez, Manuel Valentin Puma, Gladys Requejo Pacheco, María Villa Santillán, Marlene Mendoza Zuñiga, Juan Quispe Rodríguez, Danny Villegas Rivas


The objective of this research is determining impact of innovation technology of blueberry planting on economic dynamics of producers from Cañete valley, in Peru, with propose know reality of a new and incorporated culture with ignorance in handling, with a fast growing trend due to its great demand in international market. However, alliance of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial producers made their incorporation possible by facility to have climate, water and suitable areas for their installation with innovative technologies. A non-face-to-face structured interview was applied to experts in blueberry cultivation, using interpretive paradigm for a better analysis of reality. Results showed a non-proprietary technology was initially introduced in innovation process in cultivation of blueberries and during process it was improved according to needs of area: drip irrigation with self-compensating pressure, meshes around perimeter of crop, imported substrate and technological know-how. An initially unfavorable negative economic impact was evidenced due to installation of blueberry cultivation. However, it resulted in positive results in commercialization process, whose sowing is carried out in bags, with advantages of nutrient concentration and sanitary profitability.

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