The Development and Implementation of Entrepreneurship Policies and the Level of Entrepreneurship of Graduates: Case of the Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos.

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Liz Maribel Robladillo Bravo, Raúl Alberto Rengifo Lozano, Ricardo Fernando Cosio Borda, Elmo Ramón Zavala Sheen, Raúl Ernesto Porras Lavalle, Nancy Elena Cuenca Robles


The objective of the study was to determine how the development and implementation of entrepreneurship policies influences the level of entrepreneurship of graduates in the Academic-Professional careers of Electronic, Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. The Inductive - Descriptive Method was used. The research aims to serve as a theoretical and practical source for the development of entrepreneurship policies that generate business incubators in universities, representing entities designed to accelerate the growth and ensure the success of entrepreneurial projects.

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