Variables Associated with Educational Management as Quality Factors

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Dr. Wilmer Ortega Chávez, César Ándres Escalante Sifuentes, Juvita Dina Soto-Hilario, Yessika Madelaine Abarca-Arias, Tarcila Hermelinda Cruz-Sánchez


The need to improve the quality of education received by children and young people in Latin America is at the center of the discussion, especially considering that in the last decade the resources contributed to the sector have increased by 30%. According to specialized literature, in addition to resources, efficient management is needed to install capacities in schools and universities to ensure good student performance in international standardized test evaluations such as PISA and TIMSS.This paper proposes a causal model that identifies some variables that affect the management of educational organizations, specifically universities, and the relationships between these variables, as well as the effect that management has on the quality of education.Among the variables identified in the current literature, variables such as Information Systems, Administrative Knowledge and Higher Education Institutions are found. An exhaustive search was carried out through Scopus database to analyze the results from a bibliometric approach to all the bibliography published during the period 2015-2020 likewise an analysis with qualitative approach of specific cases within the bibliography found to determine concepts of different authors in the same thematic axis is performed.

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