The Pedagogical Processes of Professionalization in Higher Education: Theoretical and Methodological

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Víctor Raúl Prado Cardona, Darci Gutierrez Pinto, Jani Monago-Malpartida, Tula Margarita Espinoza-Moreno


The substantial changes that are taking place in Higher Education on a global scale lead to new conceptions about the processes of pedagogical professionalization, which have been constituted in the processes of training and development of postgraduate education, with a permanent character as an imperative requirement in these days, since they guarantee the quality of the educational process in Higher Education and its results in correspondence with the growing demands of society. These processes have the essential purpose of professional improvement, based on the mastery and application of pedagogical knowledge, which is manifested in raising the levels of professionalism during the pedagogical activity. The purpose of this paper is to develop an approach towards a theoretical-methodological conception of pedagogical professionalization processes in Higher Education through the analysis of the bibliography published in journals indexed in Scopus database referring to pedagogical processes, in Ibero-American countries during the period 2015-2020 obtaining a total of 400 research papers that meet the search criteria and were subjected to analysis from a quantitative perspective measuring the historical evolution of the volume of production classified in relevant aspects such as year of publication, country of origin, authors involved in the research, among others. And from a qualitative approach to determine the position of the authors regarding the pedagogical processes implemented in higher education during the period referenced above.

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