Specificities of Teacher-Student Relationships in Today’s University

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V. I. Baimurzina, R. M. Salimova, L. B. Abdullina, S. A. Anokhina, L. N. Uvarova, Albina T. Akhmetova


The paper examines current teacher-student relationships, presents the results of empirical research and gives recommendations for optimizing relationships in educational and extracurricular activities. The relevance of the topic under study is determined by the emerging contradiction between the need to harmonize the teacher-student relationship and their insufficiently identified specificities for use in educational and extracurricular activities in today’s university. In this regard, this paperaims to identify the specificities of teacher-student relationships ineducational and extracurricular activities offered by today’s university. The main research method is theoretical and comparative analysis allowing for a comprehensive analysis of teacher-student relationships in educational and extracurricular activities. The paper presents the following research results: the above-mentioned specificities are identified and described; the results of empirical studies, the main conclusions and recommendations for correcting relationships are given. The materials of the paper are of practical value for university teachers and students in terms of harmonizing their relationships.

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