HR Professionals’ Assessment of the Contemporary HR Practices in the Changing Business Environment

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Dr. Myla M. Arcinas, Dr. Giri Yogeshwari L., Mr. Guggilapu Anil Chandra Prasad, Dr. Kolachina Srinivas


In this challenging time, there are many problems and issues that firms are facing day by day. The HR problems have increased exponentially because it is has been very difficult for the companies to call people at work also and not to call them for work too. Companies, in the present times, have to offer flextime and creativity to their staff. HR managers can innovate with work schedules, tasks, and communication. The changing business environment requires the employees to work hard and update themselves regularly. Change in Technology and challenges to work-life balance have also increased the challenges of the HR managers. The present study is descriptive, which has been carried on the HR representatives of the company who have faced the challenges for managing their employees dealing with new challenges every day. Modern HRM practices have to be adopted in the era of globalization. The data were collected from 145 professionals with the help of a structured questionnaire and analyzed with the help of mean score and one-sample t-test. The questionnaire contained a five-point scale the measure the responses. It was found that the challenges were to reduce the labor to cut costs and get the desired results in the best possible way.

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