Moderating Effect of Brand Parity on Brand-Related Factors and Repurchase Intention: An Investigation in the Context of Deodorant Brands

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Deepak Babu, George A. P.


This paper examines the direct and indirect effect of brand related factors such as brand image, brand experience and brand trust on repurchase intention under different conditions of brand parity perception on deodorant brands. The result confirmed the hypothesized relationships that brand related factors have significant positive impact on repurchase intention and that the relationship between the variables is stronger for people with low parity perception than for people with high parity perception. Brand experience is the most important factor, followed by brand trust and brand image, that influences repurchase intention. The result strongly indicates that the firms must do everything possible to eliminate brand parity perception and continuously enhance the performance of every brand-related variable to stimulate and sustain consumers’ intention to repurchase their brand. This study contributes a model that helps to measure the proposed relationships using Sub-Group Analysis and also adds significant value to the extant literature on consumer behavior and branding by taking the first attempt in exploring the moderating effect of brand parity on a set of associated variables in the context of deodorant brands.

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