Efficacy of Online Teaching on Learning of English During COVID-19 on Entry Level Law (BALLB) Students

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Dr. Preeti Tewari


Online learning/ education is often known as “e- learning” too. Though, online learning is only a kind of “distance learning” — the expression widely used for any learning that happens across distance and not in a conventional classroom environment. A considerable number of colleges abroad are already moving from the traditional classes to completely online courses. Though, for us in India it’s an outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic scenario that a major section of education had to be shifted to an online mode of education dissemination as a solution to the issue which cropped up from nowhere. Consequently, it has grown as an alternative most feasible in the recent circumstances.

This paper is a sincere study of the impact of online teaching on learning of English, specifically, on BA LLB first year, first semester (entry level) students.

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