The Effect of Work Pattern and Need for Achievement on Problem Solving Effectiveness

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Widodo Sunaryo, Martinus Tukiran


This research descriptively aims to determine the working patterns (groups or individuals) carried out by company employees in problem-solving, as well as to determine the level of Need for achievement (n-Ach) of company employees. The sample of this research is 249 operational levelemployees of a private company in Indonesia. The research method in this study is a field experiment. The results of this study are that the group work pattern has a stronger influence on the effectiveness of problem-solving than the effect of the behavioral characteristics of individuals with high n-Ach levels. The high level of n-Ach is a factor that affects the effectiveness of problem-solving. Meanwhile, the low level of n-Ach did not affect the effectiveness of problem-solving. Another finding in this study is that the interaction between the Work Pattern and the n-Ach Level has a strong influence on the effectiveness of problem-solving.

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