Sustainable Inspirational Leadership a Managing Education Organization under Globalization Era

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Songklin P., Jedaman P., Phosing P., Sawadpong W., Datkawinlerd W., Udompan A., Jongmeanwai B., Khenaphoom S.


Quality organization under globalization era of the leaders to highest performance and potential of management for leading organization as achieving the goals. This study to analyze sustainable inspirational leadership a managing education organization under globalization era. The collections to a synthesizing documentary, interview and survey by questionnaire to data. Sustainable inspirational leadership of 6 factors including co-vision, core competency, human resource development, good organizational culture, morality and ethic, creative thinking, into 45 indicators. Factor analysis of all factors to accounted at percentage of 60.003 in totals variance. Suggestions were  having  vision, strategy and clear goals, creating a sustainable to corporate mission, creating a culture and climate that promotes to action, and using innovation and communication technology for learning.

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