Evaluation of the Development of Swimming Sports in South Sumatera Province

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Martinus, Tandiyo Rahayu, Rumini, Tri Rustiadi


Research aims to evaluate the implementation of the program of coaching achieve-ments of swimming sports south Sumatera province by using the evaluation model CIPP (Context, Input, Process, Product). Data is collected through observations, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The data obtained is qualitatively analyzed with the following steps: (1) data reduction, (2) presentation of data, and (3) withdrawal of conclusions. This study concluded: 1) context evaluation of the implementation of coaching achievements that have not been directed and do not have planning guidelines should be improved as early as possible, 2) Evaluation of inputs of the selection process of coaches, athletes, infrastructure and funding is still not effective, 3) evaluation process consisting of training programs, competitions, the health of athletes and coaches and coordination has not run to the maximum, 4) evaluation of prsi coaching products in South Sumatera from aspects of medal achievement can be assumed to have not been successful. Based on result research conducted, further assessment and decision determination of each component evaluated. The results of the analysis and decision determination are then used as a basis to improve every component of the program and improve and give decisions on the implementation of pro-gram researchers provide recommendations toprsi technology in South Sumatera Province in order to focus more on planning the development of swimming sports in order to be able to excel in the future

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