Differences in the Influence of Gymnastics and Obesity Methods on the Decrease in Body Fat in Mothers of Zee Medan Gymnastics Center

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Eva Faridah


In this research involves 3 variables: 1) Free variable (Independent) i.e. a) Manipulative variable (method of pilates gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics using hula hoop), b) Attribute variable (Pear obesity type and apple obesity type), 2. A bound variable (Dependent) is a decrease in body fat. Based on the results of the study achieved, mothers who have obesity pear type with pilates gymnastics method has a better decrease in body fat. Mothers who are obese pear type have a decrease in body fat more if trained with the method of hula hoop rhythm gymnastics. F count =7.962 > F table=4.11. The effectiveness of exercise methods applied to lower body fat is influenced by the type of obesity that mothers have. The treatment was followed by all participants and showed that there was a decrease in fat from each treatment interaction result (gymnastics method, and obesity type). The results also showed each treatment affected the decrease in body fat as it has been hypothesized

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