Preparation of Daily Lesson Plan for Enhancing Self Esteem Teaching Strategy for Special Education Students

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Mohd. Norazmi Nordin, Norathirah Nabilah Abd. Mutalib, Elia Md. Zain, Amirah Hazimah Borhanordin, Maymunah Ismail, Syaiful Osman, Mansur Ahmad


The preparation of a Daily Teaching Plan (RPH) is a routine for every teacher before implementing a Teaching and Learning (T&L) process in each session. Each session has 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The determination of learning objectives at each session depends on the standard of learning to be taught at that time. Good planning is very important to ensure the smooth process of R & D inside and outside the classroom. A good teacher will provide effective plans for his students while a creative teacher will plan interesting and varied activities. This review article discusses the importance of preparing RPH for teachers as well as the necessary considerations before preparing a good RPH. It is hoped that the discussions and examples given can be beneficial to all.

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