Stimulating Self -Confidence of Special Education Students

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Mohd. Norazmi Nordin, Navaratnam Vejaratnam, Norathirah Nabilah Abd. Mutalib, Syahiru Shafiai, Nor Shadira Jamaluddin, S. Johari, Jumiah Mustafa


The model in the concept of self-family is the Model of Stimulating Self-Confidence or Enhancing Self-Esteem (ESE). This model explains to us about the importance of a student's self -confidence in determining the direction and process of their learning. Self-confidence is a belief about yourself that helps you to successfully cope with events in your life, and then to have a positive impact on the lives of others. If NDT was introduced by Carl Rogers, ESE is a model development based on a study conducted by Bruce Joyce in 2009. This proposed teaching strategy is an important foundation for the formation of strong student identity and ready to face any challenge. This review article discusses teaching strategies for stimulating self -confidence for special education students. It is hoped that through this discussion, the researchers further gain a basic overview related to these teaching strategies and further assist them in carrying out further research.

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