Analyzing Students' Intentions in Order to Propose Some Entrepreneurship Models

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Nguyen Tan Danh


Entrepreneurship has long been a topic of increasingly interest to young people, especially students. In this senior, many different expectations have been reconnected to serve the macroeconomic development goal, the main concerns are increasing the potential amount of people interested in starting a business, to stimulate business startups and ultimately to ensure project launch and startup growth. Start-ups have always played an important role in the global economy, especially their recent importance has grown significantly. For this reason, the major coatings of the world have been modifying their regulations and creating promotions to encourage them to grow. However, initial statistics for startups show a very high failure rate, often lacking strategic rules, wrong marketing thinking, or ineffective resource replenishment. The purpose of this article is to determine the influence of factors on the intention on startups of students.Keywords:   Business, entrepreneur, intention, success, students

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