Tracing the Incantation Culture as an Existence for Local Wisdom of Traditional Communities in Indonesia

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Dody Irawan, Andayani, Sarwiji Suwandi, Kundharu Saddhono


This research is an ethnographic study conducted in the Riau Islands Province, Indo-nesia. This study aims to find the existence of the local culture of Malay Incantation. This study used the theory of literary anthropology. Sources of data in this study are derived from interviews and notation from informants. In this study the data were collected by observation, retelling, interviews, and documents. Data validity using in-teractive mode Miles and Huberman. The results of this study can be concluded that the existence of the Incantation culture of Riau Malay includes 3 aspects, namely the complexity of the idea, the complexity of the activities, and the complexity of the cultural outcomes. The existence of Riau Malay incantation culture related to the complexity of ideas covers 4 aspects, namely (1) the essence of human life in relation to God, (2) the essence of human position in space and time, (3) the viewpoint of hu-man  towards the universe, (4) the essence of the relationship between humans and each other. The existence of incantation culture related to the complexity of activities which covers 6 aspects, namely (1) activities related to kinship, (2) activities related to the economy, (3) activities related to treatment, (4) activities related to religion, (5) activities related with politics (6) activities related to somatic. The existence of incanta-tion culture related to the complexity of cultural outcomes includes five aspects, namely (1) complexity in the form of language, (2) complexity of cultural results in the form of a religious system, (3) complexity in the form of knowledge, (4) complexity in the form of a livelihood system, (5) complexity in the form of art.

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