Image of Islam and Muslims in Contemporary Global Media: Critical & Analytic Study of Positive and Negative Impacts

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Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi, Dr. Haris Saleem, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, Hafiz Muhammad Azhar Usama, Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Khan, Dr. Shabbir Hussain


Islamic and Muslim discourse on Global media is both negative and positive. However, as the Western states leads the world and significantly represent their notion about every religion and nation. That is why, collective image of Muslims and Islam is thought to be negative. Also, it can be seen that the viable rejoinder procedure from the Muslim leaders, whether be of the state or Muslim scholars, is missing. The current study is aimed at highlighting the image of Islam and Muslims in Contemporary global media. For this purpose, positive and negative impacts have been critically analyzed. With the help of well-acknowledged books authored by prominent academicians of Muslims states, a sound rationale behind the analysis is provided to strengthen it, moreover, online documents, internet sites, journal articles, as well as important governmental statutes have also been consulted to execute this research study. Efforts made by the Muslim Ummah in rejuvenating the Islamic ideology has been underpinned. In addition to it, meta-analysis from various research studies has been made part of the current study with the purpose of examining the role of media in building up the image of Islam and Muslims around the globe. It is evident through the literature review that most of the research have focused upon the western states, whereas Muslim states and media are ignored largely. This research has also pinpointed the lack of comparative examinations, abandonment of sufficient graphics, together with the scarcity of investigation on internet media. Investigation of the published literature has also demonstrated that majorly the themes like terrorism and war has largely been referred to Islam and Muslims. Furthermore, this framework has depicted that Muslims are framed negatively where Islam is mostly portrayed to be a violent faith. At the end of the study, some contemporary cases have been discussed to affirm the literature added. Recommendations have been made for the Muslim Ummah to flourish the true meanings and fundamental ideology of Islam and the role of Muslims.

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