Critical Discourse Analysis of Gender Representation of Male and Female Characters in the Animation Movie, FROZEN

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Mohammad Yousef Alsaraireh, Manvender Kaur Sarjit Singh, Hafizah Hajimia


Films are means to express ideological stances. This study analyzes gender representation in the film Frozen an animation movie using a number of gender theories such as Coates (1986). This study is a qualitative study through a Discourse Analysis approach that makes it a descriptive study. Findings shows the occurrences of a few themes under the verbal, non-verbal and language used based on gender roles namely, hesitation, intonation, interruptions, politeness, talkativeness, self-disclosure, power control and independence and bravery. The equality of a women and man in the movie depends on the power. There are lots of speech styles that differentiate between men and women.

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