Cultural Creative Aspects of the Concept of Artistic and Creative Development of Personality of a Future Musician Teacher

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Sydykova R. S., Kaldayakova A. A., Ainabekova N. T., Umirhanovna S. A., Dosbaganbetova A. T., Akhmetzhanovna D. S., Botakaraev A. T.


The search for educational models corresponding to the modern type of culture and a new stage in the development of civilization constitute one of the urgent tasks of modern pedagogy of art education.

The existing social order in the education system for the development and creative self-development of students generates a large number of educational theories, approaches, concepts that have appeared in recent decades, and also determines the transition of specific educational institutions to qualitatively new states, radically changing their educational space.

Understanding this problem through the prism of the cultural paradigm of education showed that a theoretical understanding of the integration of education and culture allows us to put forward a hypothesis about the prospects of productivity using the culturological approach as a conceptual basis for the modernization of the content of the artistic, including musical, pedagogical, higher education and professional training of pedagogical specialists in this field of education. The relevance of this study is due to the accelerating development of modern society, which leads to the need for changes and adjustments to the education system, strengthening cultural-creating functions in it, orientation toward the approval of creative principles in a person, focus of competencies in professional activities, where traditionally defined functions (teaching, educating and developing) in the educational system, in theoretical terms, determine the focus of the necessary function, as the focus trainees in vocational training for creative self-development, self-improvement. It is the pedagogy of art education, which includes the basis of scientific and artistic methods of cognition, that has a beneficial effect on the process of formation of the personality, the process of perceiving your own image of “I”, your unique personality in “Concept-I”, in creative life by means of developing a personal value system, spirituality , creative potential. This process, of course, activates the creative beginning in the personality, which ensures the successful process of transferring high-quality "self-construction" (A.Toropova), self-creation in one's own professional activity. 

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