Political Aspect of Islam and Contemporary Theory of Political Islam- Critical and Futuristic Analysis

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Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi, Dr. Irum Sultana, Talib Ali Awan, Muhammad Akram, Dr. Muhammad Ansar Javeid


This critical and futuristic analysis features the political aspect of Islam together with the contemporary theories regarding political Islam. This is a quantitative research design that has been descripted while taking into consideration the political interpretation of the Holy Quran, political frameworks established during the life of Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa SAWW, and emergence of political theory during the era of Khulafa-e-Rashidun. The political theology of the Academic scholars like Ibn e Rushd, Al- Mawardi, Imam Ghazali etc has also been entailed in the current study. The connection between Islam and politics is a matter of tremendous concern for not only the Muslims, but the Non-Muslims as well. The term political Islam has largely confused the Non-Believers. It is any the kind of Islamic interpretation that operates as a foundation for political identity as well as act. More explicitly, it implies to the factions demonstrating contemporary political deployment on the authority of Islam, a movement that appeared by the end of 20th century. Also, it is considered to be a unique feature of the advancement of 20th-century that is frequently labelled as Resurgence of Islam. Muslims have a deeper trust in Islamic teachings about Politics as taught by Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa SAWW along with other prophets and His companions, to be implemented in their states. according to Muslims, the empires along with the military governments have wandered off far from the rules and regulations of the actual Islamic framework and are getting inclined more towards modernism, colonialism, etc. Contemporary theories are portraying the negative image of political system of Islam due to past hurtful incidences like 9/11 and so. To tackle such theories and substituting them with the actual configuration of of political Islam, the governments of Muslim states have to follow the model of politics as established by our Islamic leaders that is, Hazrat Muhammad SAWW and his companions.

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