Factors Affecting the Willingness to Purchase Green Products among University Undergraduates

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Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim, Raja Norliana Raja Omar, Nurul Aziah Ahmad, Aikal Liyani Mohd. Rasdi, Ruzanifah Kosnin, Nur Dalila Mat Yusoff, Abdullah Muhamed Yusoff


The protection and conservation of human ecology or green products have a significant impact on the current and future living standards of Malaysian generations, forming a reciprocal system in the environment surrounding human beings; hence, all individuals, especially students must recognize the need for introducing green products in light of environmental poverty. In the present study, the influential attitude and behaviour of university undergraduatestowards their willingness to purchase green products were examined quantitatively using questionnaires to achieve the research objectives. Prior to the distribution of questionnaires, a pilot study was conducted to analyse the instrument’s reliability and validity. Evidently, other than the collectivism value, university undergraduates’ willingness to purchase green products is also influenced by price and attitude. In determining how the ecological environment can be maintained, the study found that university undergraduates are more interested in normal products than green products and this proves that price and attitude may hinder green purchase among university undergraduates.

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