Understanding History And Development On Literature Theory In Malaysia

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Abdul Halim Ali, Azhar Wahid, Julita Norjietta Taisin, Azman Ismail, Rohayati Junaidi, Nur Faaizah Md. Adam, Roslan Chin, Miftachul Huda


This article aims to elaborate the clear comprehension about the development of literary theory in Malaysia. This comes up with several theories generated and developed by several scholars as being part of the new juzud of literary knowledge in Malaysia. The reveals that this theory has been developed widely amongs thevarious students from undergraduate, master and doctoral levels in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Apart from providing new knowledge, these literary theories have formed a new line of theoretical knowledge in the history of literary development in Malaysia in particular and in the field of international literature in general. With the existence of literary theories generated by Malaysian scholars, this gives a wide space to literature in the eastern environment not solely dependent on the West or no longer too eurocentric in developing literary knowledge in the region. In fact, the point of view is the appropriateness for the Malay literature reviewed, quoted and understood, particularly from the perspective of Malay identity own roots in Western literary theory as well as utilize secondary sources.

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