Knowledge about Association of Periodontal Diseases with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes among Dental Practitioners, Medical Practitioners and Gynecologists

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Muzammil Moin Ahmed, Hussam Azioy Al Rashidi, Ahmed Ezzat Mahmoud Moussa, Tareq Hamoud Al Rashidi, Saad Amer Al Rasheedi, Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Tuwayjiri, Dhafer S. Alasmari, Abdullah Saleh Al Mutairi, Abdullah Saleh Alrethaia


Objective: The objective of this study was to assess the awareness of association between periodontal disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes among dental practitioners, medical practitioners and gynecologists.

Methods: In this cross-sectional study, an anonymous, structured and self-administered questionnaire with eight close ended items was administered to 199 subjects comprised of dental practitioners (n=52), medical practitioners (n= 64) and gynecologists (n=83). The knowledge scores were compared between the three groups of health care providers and also influence of gender and educational qualification was assessed.

Results:The total knowledge score among all the health care providers was 64.25%.The knowledge scores were significantly higher in dental practitioners (5.80±1.31), followed by gynecologists (5.43±1.76) and medical practitioners (4.21±1.88) at p=0.00. There was no statistically significant difference among male and female knowledge score though it was comparatively higher in females (5.37±1.77) than males (4.92±1.85) at p=0.688. The knowledge scores were higher among subjects with doctoral degree (5.51±1.59) followed by master degree (5.43±1.82) and bachelor degree (4.78±1.83) at p=0.032.

Conclusion: Findings of this study showed lesser degree of knowledge of association between pregnancy outcomes among health care providers especially among medical practitioners.Our study recommends the incorporation of topic related to this association in dental and medical curriculum and publishing the related researches in medical journals to enhance the knowledge and awareness of this association.

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