Usage and Influence of Social Network among Youth

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Dr. K. M. Ashifa


This present era necessitates numerous technological advancements. Networking is one of the most inescapable aspects of this planet. Social networks are a method of communication that is used to share and gather information, messages, photographs, news, and videos, among other things. There are around 3.2 billion social network users globally, which equates to 42% of the global population). Through the use of social media, people globally maintain strong professional and personal connections. There are over 325 million users in India, with Tamil Nadu being the second-largest user. Additionally, it is discovered that youngsters are the primary users of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube are all extremely popular social networking platforms. Youth regard social networking as a critical component of their lives. They enjoy spending time on social media more than they enjoy real relationships. There are both positive and bad consequences to social media usage. As a result, the researchers have undertaken a study on the influence of social networking on the young to ascertain the influence on youth. The researcher concluded from this study that the effect or influence of social networking is determined by the users' use of these social networking sites.

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