Human Existence- The Life Line

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Lakshmi G. S., Sandra J. S., Dr. Shibani Chakraverty Aich


God's formation of man is magnificent. He is endowed with all the qualities that most species lack. Today, though, his very life is in jeopardy. During his meditations on this wisdom, the time has put him to the test. Despite this, he either refused to recognise nature's power or behaved foolishly to attract trouble. He behaved in such a manner that future generations would be left with an empty cup.

For monetary gain, the natural equilibrium is thereby broken, reversed, and collapsed. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, winds, and pandemics such as Corona, also known as Covid-19, keep him awake at night. What are our options for resolving these issues? Of necessity, higher heights can be reached by attempting to improve the ease and civility of life. And sure, you don't cut the branch where you're sitting here. Material advantages are needed, but not at the expense of a long life. You are obligated to carry on the baton of good life assigned to your next successor as a gift from God. To achieve a cosmopolitan perspective, it must be a global target. The one with humanity must be the texture of creation. Be sure the kid that beams at you isn't making a writhe face. You present them with a royal guard of honour, and they return the salute with sincerity.

Human creation on Earth is said to be one of God's most holy forms of life. All of the characteristics and main events that make up the fundamentals of human life, such as birth, development, emotion, ambition, confrontation, and death, make up the human experience. Religion, philosophy, history, poetry, literature, anthropology, psychology, and biology have both pondered and analysed this large subject.

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