COVID-19 Effect on Retired Lifestyle Intention: The Two-Order Confirmatory Factory Analysis in the Structural Equation Model

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Wong Ming Wong, Wunhong Su


Consumers’ retired lifestyle intention is affected by traditional culture, social environment, and financial condition. However, the COVID-19 pandemic changes consumers’ daily lives and influences social activities, attitudes, and behaviors. Whether the COVID-19 event influences consumers’ retired lifestyle intention or not. This study’s objective examines the COVID-19 event affects consumers’ staying at the home intention that has been mediated by their attitude based on Event System Theory and Theory of Planned Behavior. The study utilized the Two-Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis in the Structural Equation Model to analyze 1051 respondents. The findings summarize that consumers’ attitude mediates the correlation between the COVID-19 effect and staying at the home retired lifestyle intention. The study’s value demonstrates that organizations should know how to handle an event that affects consumers’ retired lifestyle attitude that turns into their intention.

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