Research on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in Banking Chat Bot

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Mohammed Shamsul Hoque, V. Karunanithi, S. Horizan Prasanna Kumar


Chat bots help to understand the natural language of user’s response and corresponding dialogue queries. The key intelligent system learned in this section is the reality of people talking about them, people can feel and it is more like a virtual assistant. This system is based on communicating device with programmable languages for people conversion. The chat bot is an individual based history which can be used both offline and online and this program automatically completes a section with specific technique. In this method, natural language processing is performed between human and computer with text of conversion. The humans learn themselves to understand different questions. The intelligent system is developed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and main purpose of this chat bot is that customers can send their queries in plain English through chat bot. Appropriate response is provided and if possible interaction on the query is expected. This system interacts with the people in real time and the experience of slightly different customer service is replicated. Customers can mention their questions based on natural questions and chat bot answer them with correct answers. The proposed chat bot application can be easily accessed by the customer, resolving redundant questions anywhere.

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