Knowledge Management: Strategies for Strengthening Police Services in Central Java Police Region

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Vita Mayastinasari, Herlina Juni Risma Saragih, Yoga Putra Prima Setya


The research aims to identify the obstacles of the implementation of the tasks of the Indonesia National Police (Polri) and service innovations that have been carried out in order to propose strategies to strengthen police services in Central Java Regional Police. The research employs the qualitative approach with descriptive methods. Data is collected throughinterviews, both conducted privately and in several Focus Group Discussions (FGD) using interview guidance instruments. Strengthening police services is conducted through a knowledge management system approach. Tacit and explicit knowledge are disseminated throughout the Polri working units so that they become strategic assets in order to improve the competence of Polri personnel and the capabilities of Polri as an institution. The application of such knowledge management has a positive impact on various alternative task implementations. Such positive impact can minimize the constraints in the implementation of police duties that have positive implications for improving the quality of police services. Therefore, such knowledge management needs to be applied continuously and in integrated ways with a systemic approach in order to realize satisfaction and public trust in police services

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