Impact of Corporate Taxation on Financial Decisions of Selected Industries in Madhya Pradesh

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Dr. Saurabh Kumar, Dr. Vivek Mittal


Over the last 50 years or so, the position of finance manager has undergone considerable changes. Ownership structure, scale of business companies, security markets, the financial system and instruments have changed considerably. As a result, the position of a finance manager has become much more important than just a fund raiser. It must optimize the economic well-being of the owners represented by the market value of the company. To accomplish this goal, a range of decisions must be made, the most important being the decisions on funding, expenditure and dividends. These decisions are being influenced by many factors. Of these factors, taxation especially corporate taxation plays a vital role in financial decision making. To examine the evolution of corporate taxation in India and its influence on financial decisions of the companies. The present study analyses the implications of corporate taxation on financial decisions of a total of 60 Indian Companies which deal in Cement, Food and Textile Industries in Madhya Pradesh.

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