Battle Picture in Vietnam’s Dam San Epic and Greece’s Iliad Epic: A Comparative Study

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Le Thi Bich Thuy


The epic is a massive folk narrative genre, born at the dawn of human, reflecting big events in ancient community life and depicting enormous changes of the times when the society transforms from a primitive commune society to a higher organizational form. This mankind's advance was formed through wars to unify tribes and form state. Therefore, the epic often reflects the fierce wars that take place for a long time. In addition to the common similarities of the genre, Vietnam's Dam San epic and Greece’s Iliad epic also have differences in expressing the theme of war because they come from different eras, ethnic groups and cultures. This article focuses on studying the similarities and differences in the causes of wars, the scale of battles and the degree of divine intervention in wars in the epic Dam San of Vietnam and the epic Iliat of Greece in order to see unique characteristics in the cultural picture of each nation and educational lessons about value for life through the meaning of battles in epic works.

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