An Algorithm for Finding the Difficulties of an Employee in a Factory by Using Enhanced Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and Submonoid Group

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P. Jayagowri, Garcia-Lopez Y. J., K. Karpagavalli, R. Karthik, García‐Rubio Maite, Julián Leonardo Riveros Cruz


In India we have many factories which are most important for our economy there also important for the international economy also. In this paper we are studying about the various difficulties of an employee from different factories using enhanced fuzzy cognitive map and group theory. A questionnaire was conducted with different types of age group persons and different type of post. By analysing the data there are lot of difficulties faced by the employees which are emotional and some are uncertain. at last a decision was taken to fit those data by using enhanced fuzzy cognitive map andsub monoid group theory. The enhanced fuzzy cognitive map will be a best tool when it come to an unsupervised data and the sub monoid concept in group theory will be efficient in classifying the data.

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