Mental Spaces in the Discourse of the Iraqi Theatrical Text: A Rainy Nightas A Model Play

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Fuqdan Taher Abbas, Dr. Moatmed Majeed Hameed


The theory of (mental spaces) is an important asset of human knowledge. It is undoubtedly present in all the discoursesproduced by the communicators of saying or thinking, as it aims to study the manifestations construction of meaningin natural languages, that is the higher mental processes the fall into the same domain (mental space).The play (mental spaces in the discourse of the Iraqi theatrical text a rainy night) is used as a model in this study. The research consisted of four chapters;the first chapter (Methodological framework) covered the problem of research around the following question(what the mental spaces in the discourse of the Iraqi theatrical text arainy night).and the goal of the research that's focused on identifying mental spaces in the discourse oftext (Rainy Night play).The second chapter (theoretical framework) contained two topics, the first of which was: The concept of mental spaces and their functioning mechanisms, and thesecond topic: readingthe discourse of theatrical text as mental spaces, in addition to mentioning the indicators resulting from the theoretical framework in this chapter. The researchers devoted the third chapter to the research procedures, in which the research sample was analyzed by a discourse of theatrical text on a rainy night.During the fourth chapter, the research concluded with the results from the analysis of the research sample and then the conclusions and concluded with the list of sources and references.

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