The Governance of Local Government Organizations of Thailand

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Thussaneeya Boripis


Good governance is considered as a framework for public administration as a guarantee of efficiency and management efficiency. This reflects confidence to stakeholders, especially the public sector, who are affected by government operations. A local government organization is an organization formed by the policy of decentralization from the central government in order to provide public services to the citizens on time. Therefore, if the local administrative organization operates based on good governance, it will hold the highest interests firmly in the hands of the people. The objective of this research is (1) to study the patterns of thinking skills, attitudes, and practices of local government leaders in driving good governance in the southern regions. (2) To compare thinking skills, attitudes, and practices of local government leaders in driving good governance in the southern region. Subdistrict Administrative Organization target areas are (1) Kam Lon Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Thailand. The research tools included in-depth interviews, focus groups, and telling stories, and additional research tools were non-participation and secondary studies (secondary sources). The data was analyzed by systematic analysis and Data Triangulation examination.  Study results (1) The thinking model of the administrators of the Kamlone Subdistrict Administrative Organization has a model of applicative thinking, the administration must adhere to the law and take into account the needs of the people in the area. (2) Attitudes, models of thought in public sector operations, and local policy implementation of the local operations department, which must be carried out based on the public participation spectrum. (3) Comparison of new public management practices of local government organizations as the same based on the concept following Efficiency, Effective, Responsive, Participatory State, Equity, Rule of Law, Transparency, and Accountability. Therefore, the results are consistent with the principles of good governance and practice of the leaders of the local government organizations in driving governance at the Kam Lon Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Lan Saka District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. 

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