Feminist Criticism on Sampek Engtay Drama by Nano Riantiarno

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Budi Waluyo, Andrik Purwasito, Warto, Slamet Subiyantoro


Problems concerning on feminism encourages the rise of women emancipation. Feminism is an ideology of change that is always bound by many factors. Feminist thought and movement can be born in diverse contexts; it can be cultural, religious (religious interpretative context more precisely), racial, ethnical, historical, and other contexts. The basic understanding of feminism is not merely about women alone. In social life, there are still many people who think that women should be in second place, or behind men. Drama is one of many forms of literary works. Drama is the projection of everyday occurrences in the form of a performance. Drama learning is process-oriented, with changes in time and space, which frame real and fantasy events. Drama is not quite different from novel or short story in how the author tries to transfer their beliefs to the readers or spectators. Feminist drama entitled Sampek Engtay by Nano Riantiarno is the object of this research. This drama is full of feminist criticism nuance, moreover in regards to the marginalization of women’s education.The author used the qualitative method to describe the data thoroughly and analytically. The data used in this study cover criticism on the women inequality in the educational context. The approach used in this study was the feminism approach. This approach was used to interpret the meaning contained within the drama script in relation to society since drama is basically the reflection of daily occurrences. Therefore, the interpretation of this literary work is the manifestation of what really happens in society.

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