Pepali Tembang Macapat Megatruh by Ki Ageng Selo: As the Information Source of Humanism Religious Value for Javanese in Indonesia

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Moh Sayful Zuhri, Kundharu Saddhono, Sumarwati


This study discusses about noble value of Ki Ageng Selo as the value of religious humanism in education and historians for Javanese. Ki Ageng Selo's teachings are called pepali. Pepali can be interpreted as prohibition, advice, and appeal. Tembang macapat megatruh written by Ki Ageng Selo in the form of pepali has noble value that is useful for life. This noble value comes from the Al-Quran and hadiths. So there is continuity between the tembang macapat megatruh as the work of Ki Ageng Selo and the holy book of Islam. Religious humanism gives an implication on the educational process such as character education which has an influence on the development of human life’s aspects. The purpose of this research is to explore the value of life contained in the pepali tembang macapat megatruh as the value of religious humanism in character education and history for the Javanese. This research is a qualitative research with an anthropolinguistic approach. The source of this research comes from interview with competent informant and the tembang macapat megatruh Ki Ageng Selo. The results showed that in the pepali tembang macapat megatruh Ki Ageng Selo contained noble values in life. The existence of religious values ​​contained in pepali provides character education for the Javanese.

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