A Pragmatic Study of Advising on Covid-19

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Prof. Qasim Obayes Al-Azzawi, Seren Majeed


This study deals with advising as a pragmatic phenomenon. In advising the speaker offers the benefit of his opinion to the addressee, but that implies the speaker is valuing his opinion above the hearer's. So advising is "a double-edged sword. The study investigates the use of advising in Covid-19 instructions.

The study falls into three sections: section one gives an introduction to the whole study (problem of the study, aims, limits, value, procedures and model of the study|).

Section two gives a theoretical background. It deals with advising as a type of speech acts, referring to speech act theory, giving the felicity conditions of advising and explaining directive speech acts.

Section three is concerned with methodology, data analysis and the findings and percentages of data.

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