Integrated Model Application of the Work Environment Improvement in Accordance with the Requirements of Food Safety Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Standards Applied Research in Dairy Products Company

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Batool Atiyah Khalaf, Aisha Hammody Hisham


Our research solved the problem of the lack of reliability of the company  Dairy products Company of the occupational health and safety management system in accordance Food safety management systems with the specification. (ISO 45001: 2018)and (ISO 22000) . This has created a performance gap between the requirements of the standard and the actual reality of the company. This has negatively affected performance improvement measures. The research focused on providing an appropriate framework for controlling risks, reducing injuries and accidents and improving the working environment. In order to obtain data and information, interviews were conducted with departmental and laboratory managers as well as access to records. The checklist has been relied upon to achieve the research objectives. A number of statistical analysis methods have been used, most notably the arithmetical mean, weights, percentages and diagrams. The results of the research and analysis show Integrated model  that the occupational health and safety management system  and Food safety management systems compared to the requirements of the standard (ISO 45001: 2018)and ISO22000. In all its main and subsidiary paragraphs, the average of conformity is around (3.22), the percentage of conformity is around (41%) and the gap is around (59%), they are certified in the application of the requirements of the standard (45001: 2018) ISO 22000.        

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