New Medium from Green Tea Extract, Glutathione and Vitamin C (GGC) for In Vitroactivation of Human Spermatozoa

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Noor K. Kadhim


The objective of this research was to investigate the effect of the GGC medium on human sperm during in vitro activation. Two hundred and fifty semen samples dividing into four groups which are pre-activation that semen analysis done, and the other treated groupsG1 was triggered with ferticult flushing medium, G2 with GGC medium, and G3 with GGC medium (with double concentrations of Green tee extract, glutathione and vitamin C). When compared to the other treated classes, progressive sperm motility and viability were significantly (P0.01) improved in G1, while significantly (p0.01) decreased in G3.The new GGC medium was found to be effective in improving sperm motility in asthenozoospermic patients by in vitro sperm stimulation using the direct swimming up technique.

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