Understanding Differences Between Islamic Stocks And Conventional Stocks: A Perspective Study From Selected National And International Publications

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Gunawan Widjaja


This study's main objective is to get an in-depth understanding of the differences between Islamic stocks and conventional stocks in Indonesia. For this reason, the researcher uses secondary data, which consisted of existing data from previous publications, especially writings in Islamic stocks and basic stocks. It is conducted to gain information and understanding of what and why both stocks are unique. Data were obtained through electronic search from publications between 2010 to 2021. The collected data were qualitatively analysed.  The research finds that several factors differentiate between Islamic stocks and conventional stocks, among others are production activities, earnings, source of funds, capital, and costs.  Islamic stocks require companies to have less interest-based debt than their assets. While conventional stocks company the company's non-halal income are free in percentage, in Islamic stocks company, it must be smaller.

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