Discrediting Strategy as an Element of Adversarial Communication in Trial Discourse

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Nikiforova E. S., Zubenko Y. V., Geiko N. R., Simanchuk Y. A.


Discrediting strategy has recently become ubiquitous in modern society being an inalienable element of mass culture. The use of this manipulative strategy is especially noticeable in mass media, political discourse, trial communication and others. Its potential of influencing public opinion is very difficult to overestimate. In the article the authors considered the manifestation of discrediting strategy in trial discourse. In an attempt to show that the strategy in question is widely used, effective and predetermined by the common traits of trial discourse, such as competitiveness, theatricality, conventionality four linguistic cultures’ trial texts and videos were thoroughly examined and compared. While selecting empirical material for studying the researchers decided to consider the so-called sensational cases in which the strategy of discrediting is the most efficient and quickest way of gaining the desired result and in which competitiveness leads to the diversity of means and ways of building it up. The principles, procedure, finding and their potential use are described in the article.

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